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About us

In July, 1947 Bruce Alexander started our family's passionate connection to the Citrus production industry. Over the next 40 years our business relationships grew in the United States and also around the world. By establishing valued partnerships in countries such as Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Australia, and South Africa we gained valuable experience with diverse types of Citrus from around the world.
Two generations later we remain committed as ever to partnering with the Food industry to create exceptional products.
In 1990 the Alexander family founded Frutech International Corporation in Mexico to focus on Citrus Essential Oils and Specialties. Mexico with its wide diversity of commercial citrus varieties available made it the best choice for our headquarters. Decades later, we have expanded by focusing on products that are natural, environmentally friendly, and world class.

Our approach is to partner with our customers to provide the best possible service. Together we can accomplish your standard requirements plus assisting your development of new products by helping solve any technical challenges you may have. 

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What we do

We use our considerable knowledge and technical experience to produce exceptional Food Grade Citrus oils, Essences, Citrus Solutions, and Specialties. Our sustainable Flavor and Fragrance products are 100% natural and crafted for the most discriminating customers around the world.